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Anisa Alfi


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Hi, my name is Anisa Alfi, who is currently 28 years old and married. I am an Indonesian citizen who was born in Blitar, a small town in East Java that is known as Bung Karno's Land, because the tomb of the first president of the Republic of Indonesia is in this city.

I have been involved in the field of writing since I was a child, starting with a love of reading and then a feeling of wanting to write. I once became a champion in writing reviews in junior high school and a champion in writing scientific papers in high school, and when I was in college, I was more active in writing fiction and won poetry and short story writing competitions.

Starting to pursue and make writing a profession in 2015, by actively submitting various works of poetry, short stories, essays, and reviews in newspapers or magazines, both local and national. More than 100 works have been published in local and national mass media.

Several works have been published in various national or local mass media, such as the Bandung People's Mind, Suara Merdeka, Solopos, Banjarmasin Post, Jejak Bulletin, Sunday Morning, Radar Surabaya, Metro Riau, Suara Karya, Radar Malang, Radar Banyuwangi, Koran Madura, Koran Jakarta, Sagang Magazine, North Sumatra Post, Medan Bisnis, Al-Fikroh Magazine, and others. In addition, it is also incorporated in several anthologies with approximately 40 books.

I am a 2017 graduate of the Department of Communication Studies at UNISBA Blitar with a cum laude predicate. Besides that, when I was still an active student in a writing organization such as Journalist UKM, he often took part in various seminars or talk shows about being a good journalist.

Not only on campus, but I was also active in the Blitar City writing community and became a writing class mentor for about two years. The community has also been a resource at various schools to promote a culture of love for literacy.

Since 2021, a special community has been established as a learning space for young people to write, called the Hangudi Community. Hangudi itself is taken from the symbol of Blitar City, 'Krida Hangudi Jaya' with the hope that young people will have fighting power in loving literacy.

I also like local wisdom as a way to love the country's culture, and I have published two books on local wisdom that won second place in a short script writing competition. The book was published by the Blitar City Library and Archives Service as well as the East Java Library and Archives Service, entitled 'Nini Among Kaki Among: Because Humans Are Mothers'.

As for my work history, I have been a content creator and editor at a national online media outlet. For about a year, I learned a lot about Google Analytics and SEO and how to form good communication between teams.

Currently, apart from being a housewife with a baby, I choose to focus more on myself as a lifestyle blogger on [link-omitted]. The blog contains various things about reviews, local wisdom, environmental issues, and travelling. Apart from that, I also create content on social media, including Instagram (@alfaanisa), TikTok (@alfa_anisa), and Facebook (@alfaanisa).

Likes to learn new things about anything, from photography and videography to social media optimization, which keeps skills honed and developed. Can be contacted via email at [link-omitted] or on some of the social media listed above.

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