Amer Alic

Amer Alic

United States Minor Outlying Islands

38K Reach


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Basic info for brands:
Hello, currently I have 2 instagram accounts about dogs ( [link-omitted]eme and [link-omitted]dom ) which have 12.5k followers and 14k followers. One account has 200k REACH weekly and other has about 130k weekly. Most of my audience is from USA, ages between 18-24.
Current experience:
I did not do much promotions and colabs by now, only about 5, but all clients were very satisfied. I do everything ON TIME and by agreement we make.
What will you get:
Anyone that needs to promote their page, product, business, etc.. especially if its related to animals (dogs) can get a lot of reach and people to hear about them. (as i said about 130-200k reach weekly)

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