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Amanda Penteado


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Fight For Love is the first studio album by artist Amanda Penteado. Initially released on EP (Extended Play), with 05 songs (which will be 12 in the full cd edition) comes marks the first release of this super artist. During her life, she devoted herself to appreciating the everyday things in life, where she says she rekindled her creativity and became a source of inspiration, Fight For Love was also inspired by Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, among others. Fight For Love was conceived and recorded allowing a certain artistic freedom, in which, Amanda wanted melodies and letters that appeared naturally. It blended the 1980s R & B, with a bit of 1990s rock as well as contemporary hip hop features, using timbres and elements that created a new and wider sound. The main objective of Fight For Love is to bring back the excitement, joy and depth of black music. allowing you to have ballads, as you can hear in track 4 (of the EP), titled "The One". which also marks the debut of his first music video. For the lyrics of this album, we will be able to see common themes that include femininity, desire and introspection. After its release, Fight For Love was rated by critics in a positive way, which they saw as a progression towards the artist of this genre. They praised his style and discreet musical production, in addition to his vocal performance. Preceding the release of the complete album, the EP "Fight for Love" was made available for digital download to fans and fans registered on specialized websites. The single and video clip "The One" have been coveted by fans of Amanda Penteado, too, it is attracting more and more fans of their recent and promising career.

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