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Aman Avinash


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Hello and Welcome to my Travel World frnds! Many of you might be thinking Who Am I? Do I have a name? Where I am from? Am i a male or  a female? Ethnicity? Blah [link-omitted]'s not complicate the simple shit. I'm just a fellow traveller whom you might have encountered during a train, bus,plane journey or a ferry [link-omitted] be we might have cracked up on the same joke,taken picture of the same beatiful sunset by the beach or met in a bar may [link-omitted]t?
Infact we are travelleres to this very beautiful world with a limited time [link-omitted] down we all have hidden desires towards exploring new places,meeting new people,trying new adventures,experimenting with food and drinks [link-omitted] what is stopping you? All you have to do is take A [link-omitted] your bags take a camera and get [link-omitted]use at the end of the tunnel only one thing [link-omitted] MEMORIES.
So, Let's make beautiful memories and not hatred guyz.
Embark with me on this beautiful journey of story telling with the help of pictures taken by me during My Journey. Someone has rightly said  "Every picture has a story behind it"[link-omitted] [link-omitted]ures are a beautiful cover to the golden experiences of life.

You can share your stories too!!

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