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Alexander Holleufer


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Hello! I’m ant Holleufer and I run the ant Holleufer YouTube channel and the social that follows and the podcast: The Ant Pod

Ant Holleufer meaning ant. Yes ants. In my videos I document how an colony works and also makes ant vlogs to show how they grow overtime. I try to show how all my colonies have their own personalities and that it’s an animal that has a lot more to it then meets the eyes.

The podcast is at the time of writing a newly started project. I aim to find some big and small creators with in the ant keeping hobby and interview them together with just sharing the hobby though audio waves.

Like I said before my YouTube is where I create my videos and this is my main focus at the moment. My other social media profiles is mainly to boos my YouTube channel together with interacting with the fans (that we call: Holleufers)

My goal of my YouTube channel is to help spread ant love and show the world how amazing these animals are.

Finally a bit about me.
My real name is Alexander and I’m (at the time of writing) 20 years old and from Denmark. Besides The ant Holleufer brand I’m an apprentice electrician. Although I like my job I’d love to go full time with ant Holleufer in the future if it becomes viable.

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