Afizah Abd Rahman

Afizah Abd Rahman


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Hi! I'm Fiza. Mother of 4 children (3 boys & 1 Girl). I am a working woman who made the blog a hobby. Lived in Bangi for 10 years and now migrated to Negeri Sembilan for almost 3 years. Working in Selangor as an Project Admin in a Property Development company.

How had I started and involved in blogging world? It is actually coincidentally when I get active in Breastfeeding Support Group forum a few years ago. A friend in the groups sharing about blogging and how they make blogs a medium for storytelling. It's sound like a diary. Besides that, they're sharing about info and tips that can give benefit to other like parenting, kids, breastfeeding, lifestyle, etc. From their sharing, I start to be interested to blogging.

At the beginning, I just writing this blog as a side hobby and just for fun. Share personal stories, my kids stories, stories of breastfeeding journeys and also guides in breastfeeding, parenting and more. Until one day, I was invited to do for a product review and it's a paid job. I'm so excited because from the side hobby in blogging I can made money from that. Writing blogging is a very profitable actually.

Indirectly, I make the blog as a source of my side income. I got offers for product reviews, gift reviews, advertorials are offered until today. Among the brands involved in this collaboration are Dugro, Fernleaf, Legoland Malaysia, Kleenex, Schneider Electric, HP, Cartoon Network, Althea Korea, Ben Q, PropertyGuru and others.

Honestly, it is quite challenging to divide the time between a permanent job and blogging because of the time constraints. But thank God, I still survived and have entered 13 years in writing blog because the blog is one of the contributors to the source of side income.

In addition to blogging, I also use my other social media as a source of side income such as Instagram (IG) and Facebook ( FB). For me, in a rather challenging economic situation and high living cost nowadays, we have to be good at finding other sources to increase income and I am happy with my part time job as a Blogger and Social Media Influencer (Micro Influencer).

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I will write a review of your product or any service you provide



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