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I will promote your brand to millions of followers for a cheap pricing

1 Social Review on TikTok

Account #1 (9M Reach)

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+ $25
I'll share the TikTok post to my non-TikTok accounts.
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About this offer

You have just found access to a social media brand that promotes on different platforms with 9 million followers in total. (TikTok: 8 million, YouTube: 600K, Instagram: 185K, Other accounts: 150K+ followers)

We have a viral structure, which you can see in our references. These videos always get 250 000 - 1,5 million views. On other platforms (all mentioned at the end of the offer), we repost our content, getting the same views again, in total.

Our references: (inspiration for this offer)

- [link-omitted]

- [link-omitted]@googlemapsfun/video/7022282745506188549

If you fit to the mentioned categories, you fit the best to this structure. We offer cheap plans, open for negiotation.

Sponsored videos are not related to any content posted normally on the side, but to the target group (mostly USA and Europe). Therefore, they go viral anyways.

TikTok: @googlemapsfun
Instagram: @gmapsfun
YouTube: [link-omitted]ts

About the influencer

Mike Digital

Mike Digital

10M Reach

9 million followers - mostly based in the US and Europe, across all social media. 10+ viral promotion videos as experiences for excellent pricing, all topics included! Try collaborating with MapsFun and get millions of views.

Making ads entertaining - Making ads viral.

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