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I will offer a stunning social review on LinkedIn at a low cost.

1 Social Review on LinkedIn

Account #1 (509 Reach)

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I'll share the LinkedIn post to my non-Linkedin accounts.
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About this offer

A detailed social review about a brand or product which stands out with a high reach and turns more leads for you to close more sales.

About the influencer

Jeof Ogire

Jeof Ogire

2K Reach

I am a creative writer, marketing expert, and filmmaking practitioner. As an expert in influencer networks, there are several things people can be influenced to do. But that actually depends on how content is delivered. Good social influence requires huge audiences if one wants to reach a very huge number of people. That's when people like me come in to help brands. We open up the ceiling to our audiences for brands to get noticed. As an influencer, I have worked around determine the best strategies of engaging with my audiences and get them to do exactly what I except from them. In the same way, brand should expect to see good results from me. Getting my hands on to any of your projects will be a great thing. I am always ready to work with any brand on intellinfluence. 

Thank you. 



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