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I will post pictures, a rave review, and introduce new travelers to your hotel.

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I'll reshare on Facebook up to 3 different times.
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I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
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I will post a review to up to 3 review sites of your choice.
Blog Review
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I will write a 500-word review of your hotel on my blog with a link and photos to your booking site. I request a backlink for doing so. (Thank you in advance!)
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About this offer

I would love to help your hotel attract new customers. I am a solo traveler, travel advisor, coordinator of group trips among my family and friends, and a travel blogger who is confident that I can bring you more travelers who are interested in staying at your beautiful establishment.

I will post a review, complete with photos and video, of your hotel (and me enjoying it and any activities and/or nearby attractions) on my personal Facebook page. This review will highlight all of the amazing amenities and experiences that your establishment has to offer, from the beautiful views to the delicious cuisine. I will then share this review with my followers and interact with them when they ask for more information about your establishment.

In exchange for my reviews and for introducing new customers to your hotel, I request that my stay and transportation to your hotel be covered by your establishment. This would allow me to fully experience everything your hotel offers and provide an authentic and in-depth review for my followers. (I am willing to negotiate terms.)

I am confident this collaboration would mutually benefit your establishment and my brand.

I am excited to work together and promote your beautiful hotel to my audience of keen travelers.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

About the influencer

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers

2K Reach

I'm a digital nomad traveling the world while teaching English and sharing my travel adventures, travel tips, location-independent job opportunities, and all kinds of other things on my blog. I'm on a mission to make new living abroad memories and to promote travel among the African American community. Travel, education, living a healthy lifestyle, and building my financial muscles are important to me. I'm building my brand and looking for established, respected brands to partner with so I can promote their products while simultaneously growing my own brand. I'm interested in building backlinks with various brands that offer products, tips, and content that I can be proud to promote to my audience. 


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