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I will Write up and review a detailed blog post with quality links

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About this offer

With my passion for writing, I can review or write up an informative/ educational/ inspirational blog post of the products/ places.
Being a micro- influencer I have a really good rapport with my readers, and good communication which can help when promoting brands/ products.
My blog is linked to my Instagram account where i have a further 2k+ followers, who also are regular readers therefore my reach can get quite high.
Within the blog I will be happy to add any links- URLs to lead my followers to yourselves.

About the influencer

Mubina Sacranie

Mubina Sacranie

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Mubina here. Mum to 2 (3 if I include the hubby).

I'm at a point in my life where I have fulfilled all my goals and I am now comfortable to be able to focus on my dreams.

I Love Travelling, Wining and dining, Afternoon Teas, Reading, Baking (My Super Power as I call it) and generally seeking knowledge about cultures and life.

Also a Tea lover hence my Motto in life is- "Living Life One Teacup at a Time".

I've always loved reading and writing, and I've always wanted to write. By writing a lifestyle blog I want people to experience my life, and share my experiences of life with me. 

I decided on a blog because I love writing, and I love reading blogs, but also I believe a blog gives a more detailed account of experiences and captures a person's personality too, which make it all the more interesting.

When you are captivated by a person's personality, it creates a relationship between the reader and writer, this is essential in keeping your reader coming back for more.

Also as a blog writer you can be your true self, negative and positive experiences can be applied as that is needed to gain the trust of people, which for me is important as I like to follow people who are real and true to themselves. Also it adds less pressure to me as I just want to be 'myself' rather than a 'trending image'.

And so i'll end with, "Here is me, in my raw unedited version, living life, enjoying pleasures, and sharing my thoughts with you. Welcome to my World, I aim to share my Life, Lifestyle, Thought's, Travels and Heartache 'One Teacup at a Time'"

Love and regards 



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