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I will do an Instagram post

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I can put a post on my Instagram page. I accept any category except politic and casino games. I love speak about travel, lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

About the influencer

Katarzyna Ewa Kosmala

Katarzyna Ewa Kosmala

46K Reach

I am 38 years old, living in Sicily (Italy), but from Poland.

From some year I do a blogging and love it so much.

I write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel, giving much tips. I love to share my life in a social accounts and review products that I test. It's not more like a hobby, it's a lifestyle!

We can work, do our hobby and smile. Life is too short to spend a time doing nothing. 

Just share your lifetime with others, your tips and some photos and create a world much better and colorful!


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