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I will try some Cosmetics for a day in my life VLOG

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Vlogging and reviewing products; I can say that it is hard and also overwhelming in a good way. It is hard in a way that I will search the background of the products and also overwhelming for it is my first time trying it, but as I want to try, I know I can also learn and also can have a 50/50 experience for it is my face who will try it for the first time. But I know I can promote it if it is Good for my skin. My Followers can see the progress of it

About the influencer

Kristan Marie Niangar

Kristan Marie Niangar

207 Reach

Hi! An Active, Bubbly, Compassionate individual who knows the value of `Empathy`. An individual who knows that everyone has struggles when it comes to budgeting their own money, Will help you analyze the quality and the quantity of a certain product/s that she will review on her You tube channel, tiktok, Tumblr (blog), and Instagram

Kristan will help you pick an affordable high in quality products for it is necessary nowadays because as a filipino; The price of food, furnitures and others are increasing doubled than expected. As an influencer being generous in spending money today is very important for it can help those people to think twice before buying a certain product. Helping them is Kristan`s Mission. 

You tube channel : Kristan`s Yesterday

DM me on: Instagram: @issstttaaannn


Email: [link-omitted]


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