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I will clearly outline how good the product at hand is and persuade the audience

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I am inclined in every category I have laid down offers for.
I am very articulate and precise with infrmation even down to the smallest of details.

I am here to offer engagement from the audience to the brand by creating a desire for them to know more or wvwn affiliate themselves with the product concerned at hand.

About the influencer

Nathi Mthiyane

Nathi Mthiyane

467 Reach

I am a sports enthusiast All in or nothing Meeting new people is therapeutic New environments help to create old memories.

Everyday is a reason to smile.

Currently completing my third certificate at college as an [link-omitted]ers don't lie but so does theory,I prefer having to read about than calculate how it came about.

protein intake is vital as a [link-omitted] care routine is not for ladies alone.
I am currently juggling school,my football career together with a piece time job at a popular bar and restuarant in Mpumalanga,South Africa.
I reside in the location right here in Mpumalanga,South Africa. I am currently cohabiting with my sister who is 9 years older than me.
Its amazing how I'm just the full package,I spend most of my free time singing and exploring musically as i write little snippet or interludes for my preference.


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