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I will Share social media posts

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Share your social media posts and promotions with my groups, of total 10k members. Encourage engagement with your post. Also share on my personal page with 5k contacts.

About the influencer

Nzubechukwu Odunukwe

Nzubechukwu Odunukwe

3K Reach

I am a passionate review blogger who loves to share her opinion about different products, I love sharing my experiences of things with others, I love reviewing things. I love writing and blogging, I also love singing and dancing, I love cooking, and am into all kinds of fashion products, gadgets and technology, so I am a fashionista, tech lover and gadget freak! . I really Love using solar energy whenever I can. So if you need something reviewed please contact me. I do most my reviews in video format, so people can see the product in action and how to set them up. I love to post video, picture and written reviews.



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