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I will Review & Highlight

1 Social Review on Facebook

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Add-on Services

Story Add On
+ $5
Original story will be included with written review. Provided mentions, hashtags, links included.
Triple Threat
+ $100
This Facebook package includes: - Detailed written review (up to 1k words) - Facebook Story - Facebook Reel Video Review (max 5 min)
Video Review
+ $50
Video unboxing/product review to include in depth look at the product and highlight it's features in action in High Quality 4k resolution. To be posted in Facebook Reels. (Video/Reels Only Option)
Enhanced Focus Option
+ $50
In depth longer review posting (min 1,000 words) & Includes Post & Story.
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About this offer

Facebook Post to include original pics to accompany my custom review with provided tags, mentions, links. (500 word max)

About the influencer

Jonathan Black

Jonathan Black

6K Reach

THE Psychic Medium of St Petersburg! Spiritual Counselor-Advisor, Minister, Author. Creator-Influencer.

In my free time I'm constantly creating new content for my social accounts, blog and website and merging a variety of genres, mediums, niches and markets into one; including BasikBucks, a passion project on how to save, earn and invest your money the smart way in today's gig economy.

I'm a writer, currently working on bringing my next novel to publication. 

I actively participate in User Testing as a Freelance hobby and outlet for my inner tech junkie. I'm always excited to get my hands on the latest tech, find out how it works and how I can best utilize it for my own needs. I've worked on some exciting projects for major players in the corporate space - but, that's all I can say there. NDAs are present for a reason. 

Further, I enjoy the opportunities I'm able to accept to work with other brands in further exploring product testing, market research and contributing my own insights and reviews to help shape those brands and products for the future. 

I openly share reviews across platforms from retail via Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc and also further into brand specific tailorings in my journey with Google as a Local Guide (over 1,000,000 views), UX Test candidate, Brand Expert and as a member of numerous back-end communities specific to their applications. 

Lastly, I've somehow become addicted to painting. I mostly use acrylic or oil on stretched canvas by choice. 

I enjoy using my creativity to create new adventures, opportunities and to chronicle and share my journey along the way with my to give a different slant on a typical perspective. Individuality, diversity and creativity are strengths I admire the most within people and also in looking towards future personal and business projects.


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