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I will post the sentence you gave to my followers

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About this offer

I will post the sentence you provided to my Facebook page. Currently my facebook page has more than 5000 followers.
Please give me the right message for me to post on my page.
Make sure that the message you provide complies with Facebook's acceptable posting policy and doesn't include anything that could violate their rules.

About the influencer

Johan Supriyanto

Johan Supriyanto

39K Reach

Hi, I'm Johan Supriyanto. I am a full time blogger who loves to read and write. I use my time space for productive things, because for me learning is the main thing. I like to write something on some of the blogs that I have.
Through several blogs that I own, I also receive cooperation in the form of "content placement" where in the content there will be backlinks that point to your website.
Besides writing on blogs, I also like to write and share things on the various social media accounts that I have.


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