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I will do an authentic blog review for your product and/or brand!

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About this offer

Hi! I am Maria Franco, an influential voice in the clean beauty and organic skincare community. My platform is dedicated to showcasing the best of nature, sustainability, and genuine wellness. With an engaged community of conscious consumers who value authenticity, my platform provides a unique space for brands that share these ideals.

Why Collaborate with Me?

Genuine Engagement: My audience trusts my insights and opinions. A partnership with me means reaching consumers who are genuinely interested in clean beauty and organic products.

Quality Content: I pride myself on crafting beautiful, thoughtful, and informative content. When I showcase a product, it's not just a passing mention—it's a story, an experience, a genuine recommendation.

Authentic Reach: My followers are not just numbers—they're real people who take actionable steps based on my recommendations.

Offer Details:
I would be thrilled to explore your product(s) and offer a comprehensive review on my social media channels. This includes:

-A detailed post capturing the essence of your product, its benefits, and my personal experience.

-High-quality photos that resonate with my audience while showcasing your product in the best light.

-Engaging stories or reels to provide a closer look and capture real-time reactions.

-An open line of communication for feedback, ensuring that the content aligns perfectly with your brand's vision.

Let's Grow Together!
Collaborating with me is more than just a review; it's a partnership. Together, we can amplify your brand's message and reach an audience that truly values and seeks out products like yours.

About the influencer

Maria Cecilia Franco

Maria Cecilia Franco

17K Reach

Every life journey tells a unique story, and mine paints a vivid tapestry of exploration, passion, and purpose. As I reflect upon my life's chapters, what emerges is an ongoing journey of discovery—of the world, of motherhood, and of the intricate balance between nature and nurture.

As a dedicated Montessori mom, I've embraced the responsibility of shaping a young mind. My son's innate curiosity and zest for life fuel our daily adventures and inspire me to approach every lesson with creativity and enthusiasm. Together, we delve into the wonders of nature, and it’s through this shared journey that I discovered the magic of essential oils. These tiny bottles encapsulate the essence of the earth, providing holistic solutions and enhancing our everyday life.

But my passion doesn’t end there. I am a fervent advocate for clean beauty, believing that what we put on our bodies is just as crucial as what we put into them. With hands steeped in nature's bounty, I craft natural artisan soaps and organic skincare and beauty products. Every product I create is a testament to my commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability.

Advertisers seeking a genuine connection with an engaged audience will find a partner in me, as big beauty brand have when I ran my beauty blog before. Now, my readers are a community of like-minded individuals who value authenticity, wellness, and the beauty of handcrafted products. Together, we celebrate a life led by intention and enriched by nature's finest gifts.


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