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I will Post Photos, Instagram stories, Product review, and link in bio

2 Social Review on Instagram

Account #1 (8K Reach)
Account #2 (4K Reach)

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+ $25
I'll share the Instagram post to my non-Instagram accounts.
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About this offer

Paco is an experienced professional dog model. He's worked with paid photo shoots.
I've worked with CoverGirl and many more.

About the influencer

Ashley Tinajero

Ashley Tinajero

14K Reach

Good afternoon,
My name is Ashley and I'm 27 years old. I have an Instagram account with nearly 8k followers. I recently did an #ad for wet'n'wild beauty and would love to work with any brand thats open to paid posts! I take my #ad post very seriously becuase I need my followers to trust me. My followers and I built this relationship where we are basically best friends. They recommend me products to try and I tell them Which ones they should try. I would love to showcase your item/items to them! My dogpaco also has an instagram account @baby_paco_      He loves to showcase products and collaborate with brands! Paco currently has 4,000 followers, but he averages 1,000 likes per post. Pacos Instagram reach ranges from 10,000- 27,000 views. His most popular post got 2,552 likes with only 3,000 followers at the time. Paco is a handsome photogenic American Bully Pit with amazing gold colored eyes and a beautiful blue fawn coat. Everyone just loves his pictures and we think you would too! Also Paco says Hi (:


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