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I offer an organic blogpost, a regular conversational and informative writing in my own voice, not looking as an advertorial.
I do not label the post as sponsored and share the post on my social media channels to drive more awareness.

About the influencer

Joy Blanca

Joy Blanca

9K Reach

Hello! I am Joy.  I am a Blogger Since 2009. Content Writer. Social Media Marketer. Entrepreneur. Bookworm. Baker. Homebody. 

I am  a BS Tourism Graduate at the University of Santo Tomas, 1988. Wife of a DVM. Mother of two boys, an IT and a future Computer Programmer.

 I am  a work from home mom working with brands to help develop and extend their focus in disseminating their campaigns through creating unique, interesting, shareable content for real people though my blogs and social media channels.

How about collaborating with me and together we will inspire people and at the same time be inspired. I am excited to work with you because I believe that your success is my success too!


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