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I actively manage the above links on FB (these are my personal pages) PLUS can also re-post to over 150 groups that I belong to depending on content to approximately 2 million subscribers for additional fee.

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Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith

19K Reach

People describe me as someone who enjoys diverse activities; meeting, collaborating and influencing others; checking out the latest and greatest personal and professional items, services and events that come to the market; and more importantly sharing what I experience or do with my thousands of followers. Currently I am the Founder/Executive Director of an inclusive and equity-driven women's organization; manage over 20 social media groups that I started; produce/host two internet radio shows with streams to over 2 million listeners and manage a small business consulting firm that specializes in the latest tech applications for AR/VR and AI. I have over 20 years of proven experience as a business/technology consultant assisting start-ups and growth-oriented businesses from numerous industries. I also worked for several years as a Director in Professional Sports and Founded another Women’s Business Network with over 50 chapters throughout the US and the UK. I've held numerous Board of Director appointments, published three digital magazines and actually had time to be married and raised two wonderful children. I love music, dining, cooking, entertainment, shopping, cosmetics, health and fitness, sports, events, fashion, jewelry, travel and meeting with friends and family. But I think the most important thing I've done in my life is being an influencer and role-model for women PLUS raising my children.


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