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I will create an Unboxing Video for your Product

1 Video Review on YouTube

Account #1 (32K Reach)

Add-on Services

Amazon Shoppable Video
+ $25
I will upload an Amazon Shoppable Video on our Amazon Influencer Store as well (only applies if product sold on Amazon)
Amazon Live Stream
+ $50
I will showcase your product on an Amazon Live Stream as well (see live stream examples at link)
Add Second Showcase Video After Unboxing
+ $50
Add a 2nd Video after Unboxing either a Showcase, How-To or Review Video
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About this offer

We will create an unboxing video for your product on YouTube, this requires that you ship a product to us that can be used for the filming of the unboxing video. You specify what links/hashtags you want to include in the video description and can add a discount to share.

About the influencer

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

144K Reach

My name is Justin Germino and I have been running [link-omitted] since 2008. I have been a product reviewer and influencer since 2008 and recently have expanded from tech/video game into other product categories particularly with our new [link-omitted] where we do shoppable videos, photo's and drive more than 500k per month in sales for stores and brands.  

Ask me about our promo deck and we specialize in doing product unboxing, showcases, reviews and how-to video and tutorials for brands products.


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