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I will tweet your product/services 3 times for a week to over 7k followers.

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This will be so simple using my Twitter account and 5 other accounts I am handling . I will tweet your ad, promotional links, or anything to my 7000 twitter followers. My twitter accounts are growing EVERY DAY and all my followers are REAL not bots, because I provide value in my tweets. Don't be fooled by gigs offering to tweet to 100k bots, etc. Quality over quantity. :) I WILL NEVER DELETE YOUR LINK ONCE POSTED!

Please see my profile for details. I would love to tweet about entertainment, marketing, advertising, arts and photography, food and drink, fitness and pets.

About the influencer

Bernie Maghuyop

Bernie Maghuyop

137K Reach

If you want to increase brand awareness in the Philippines, my channels can help. I administer two local interactive Facebook pages in addition to my personal accounts. 


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