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I will Collaboration for blog review

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Hi Brand,

Please add me to join this campaign. I have 3000+ views in months with 10% is organic visitor.
I also have Instagram account @[link-omitted]na with 1900+ Followers and 1200+ Followers on Twitter and Facebook accounts 2200 friends.

Please count me to this campaign.

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Yunita Srie Wijaya

Yunita Srie Wijaya

11K Reach

Hi, I'm Yunnie, Nice to see you that interested in my personal blog. I'm a wife and full mom of 3 which I have two daughters and one baby boy. Swimming and reading so many books are my way to releasing stress. 

I love to share anything about my daily thoughts and activities. Such a parenting, free play with kids, gardening, travelling, simple healthy or anything what I thought is really needs to shared. Thats why I love Blogging. 

For me, blogging is another way to killing the time and healing. Please visit my official blog here [link-omitted] or my social media Instagram @[link-omitted]na or Twitter @mom_queenmq


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