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I will Pulau lampu

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About this offer

GILI LAMPU is one of the beach resorts on the island of Lombok. This beach is located on one of the small islands in the East Lombok region of West Nusa Tenggara. GILI LAMPU is very busy visited by tourists, both local and foreign. With its natural beauty and clear water, GILI LAMPU is very capable of pampering the tourists who visit there.

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Yusron Hafizi

Yusron Hafizi

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In the age of technology, with the development of a very sophisticated and challenging civilization, it will certainly have an impact on all aspects of people's lives, both in terms of social, economic and cultural aspects, all of these aspects are very dependent on the age of technology.

the economic aspect, for example, where in this era humans no longer work hard, squeeze sweat by relying on muscles and a lot of time is drained.  but there are many positive impacts that can be felt from this technological development, especially from the economic aspect, where many humans are very dependent on technology to earn an income, so not a few of them rely heavily on technology to work and do not need to order sweat and time again.

a small example of this intellifluence application, where the application really helps people to earn income in a very easy way, for example creating a flog, revising something and so on.

This intelligence application also offers very promising payments, so that many of its users find it helpful to have this application.

I hope the Intellifluence application will be more advanced and developed in the future.


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