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About this offer

Hello. I can share your post or retweet it on Twitter. Please write me a message for more social media accounts and platforms. We can make also different collaborations in several platforms.

Kind regards

About the influencer

Derya Soyguell

Derya Soyguell

221K Reach

I am Blog owner, influencer and social media marketer. After 30 years working as an author and translator I decide to open my blogs and then I start to work as an influencer with brands. I am a digital marketer and blogger since the last 8 years. Brands are trusting me because of my work discipline and good communication art. 

I love to promote different products and brands. Everytime I write a new article for a new brand I can learn also something new. This helps me to develop myself and my work.

Please feel free to send me a message for your required advertising art. I am working for long time with several brands an I am very flexible with advertising. Unfortunately I am not accepting free gifts and working only for paid collaborations.

I am married, mother of 3 kids (21,15 and 10 years old) and full time working woman in my home office. I love fashion, swimming, hiking and working on my own garden. 

I will be happy to make new collaborations in intellinfluence platform. Waiting for positive feedbacks and collaboration possibilities.


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