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I will create a 30 sec. to a min. long Reel

1 Video Review on Instagram

Account #1 (14K Reach)

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Add Story
+ $75
I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
Custom graphics
+ $25
I'll include custom graphics on the Instagram video.
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About this offer

Reel will showcase and express my genuine takeaway, advice, tips and opinion about the product or service in order to enhance my audience's lifestyle and amplify the brand's ethos.

About the influencer

Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro Martinez

14K Reach

Farela Lifestyle is a community and movementcentered around the holistic evolution of the modernman. The "Farela Family" is interested and investedin topics that help them level up in life, including tipsand advice on fashion, fitness, wellness, andtraveling. They are ambitious and on trend so theyare always looking for new products and services tohelp them live a bold and elevated lifestyle. 

Farela Lifestyle's founder, Alejandro Martínez, is aUS based digital creator, community developer, and influencer who empowers his community to fulfill their highest potential through his actionable advice, tips and recommendations. Alejandro's work at the major global brand, Cartier, and background in psychology is the perfect mix to help his community focus on both internal work and mindset as well as develop an outer style and well-balanced life to level up and reach their full potential.


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