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I will review your product

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About this offer

I'll write a review of your product with high quality post. If you send my product to me, i'll take a high qualoty photograph too. You can check my work at [link-omitted].

You can choose in Bahasa Indonesia or English.

About the influencer

Ratna Kirana

Ratna Kirana

39K Reach

Hello, call me Nae :)
Beauty Blogger -  Food Lover - Financial Advisor

I can review your product in english or bahasa indonesia. You can check my works at Instagram Content Creator @[link-omitted] (34k followers).

As beauty blogger, my portofolio contain works with many skincare and cosmetic brands.

Halo saya Ratna dari website [link-omitted] dan content creator instagram @[link-omitted] (saat ini follower IG 34k)
Jajan Nae mengajak kamu untuk melihat lebih dekat apa saja jajanan aku, dari mulai beauty product seperti skincare, makeup, atau beauty tools, sampai ke wisata kuliner menarik di Indonesia.

Sudah bekerja sama dengan berbagai brand lokal seperti Elsheskin, Wardah, Npure, Avoskin, Dear Me Beauty, Telkomsel, XL, LinkAja, Bank Mandiri, Urban Latte, Hokben, Saltesse, dll.
Selain itu juga bekerja sama dengan brand luar negeri seperti COSRX, Focallure, Ariul, Loreal, Clinelle, dll.


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