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I will I will make one hell of a name for you if you just give me a chance !!:)

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what makes me unique to other influencers like me is my ability to communicate a very clear message with my friends and fallowing.

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Sarah Johanson

Sarah Johanson

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I am much different in my way of thinking than everyone else around me [what would be considered normal people I imagine] anyways, I am more of a positive glass half full kinda gal and try to eliminate all negative influences in my life and more specifically I do my best to monitor each and every daily activity I perform and eliminate any pessimistic view or negative energy or even negative people around me! I say out with the negative and it opens up the doors for the positive situations and people to move into my life and therefore my heart! I am an extreme lover of people and that is another big huge reason I cannot be around the wrong people.


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