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I will tweet about your product and add photo/video attachments

1 Social Review on Twitter

Account #1 (7K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $30
I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
Extra long review
+ $50
The Twitter social review will be in thread format over 3 tweets long.
+ $20
I will amplify in an boost engagement groupchat that holds 25+ people to maximize the reach to followers and non followers on Twitter
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About this offer

I am offering to spread exposure to your brand and products. I reach my followers on twitter very well and have reached over +500,000 people a month from my Twitter analytics. I provide great exposure and trust on my social media platform. I am honest and love to be of service to it companies and brands who care about their audience! I will tweet honest review, post pictures of the products and talk about it, tag your product and brand into the tweet as well as show others how I use the product and encourage others to buy it! You will not be disappointed with offering me an opportunity because I am honest, consistent, trustworthy and dedicated to helping you!

About the influencer

Chelcey Booker

Chelcey Booker

11K Reach

I have maintained a great social media presence. I have experience in product promotion and reviewing via photo posts, youtube videos, tweets and insta stories. I'd love to spread awareness of different businesses and help bring traffic! My reach hits thousands of people! I am interested in finding new curly hair products to see what's would work best for me and help maintain healthy hair. I am really big on fashion, it helps my personality shine through and show who I am. I'd be interested in reviewing and promoting beauty products (makeup, makeup brushes, skin care, curly hair products), sci-fi, mystery, thriller novels, jewelry (including facial jewelry for nose piercings) and clothing items.


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