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I will post and make the best review for the products, to reach 3000 followers.

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About this offer

I will post and make the best review for the products in my blog, to reach almost 3000 followers which is still increasing day by day.

I love and capable to write in various formats, including articles, reviews, captions, poems, motivational and inspirational writing, as well as writing recipes and cooking step-by-step.

I can also develop a theme into a short article that is interesting and inspires readers.

About the influencer

Sherly Hermawan

Sherly Hermawan

8K Reach

I have interests in many fields; as a freelance translator who enjoys writing, reading, and is active in social media. I have some Instagram accounts in which I shared my passions in photography of my daily life.

I love cooking and baking, I can do simple needlework and just recently started to love making watercolour drawings. Since a few years ago I fell in love with the Canva app which makes me really enjoy making illustrations. Through the illustrations I made, I can express my feelings of love, happiness and sadness.

Another important thing is, I am very much passionate about traveling and taking pictures of my trip experiences.

My blog: [link-omitted]

My Instagram accounts:






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