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I will Cover on Features of Wildlife and news breakthrough.

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About this offer

Random pictures of various activities , wild animals and plants.
The photographs shows how rich Kenya is in terms of the beautiful scenery and the various tweets from Kenyans concerning the daily activities.

About the influencer

Gideon Kirui

Gideon Kirui

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I am a specialist in animal's  welfare but I love nature more than everything. As I grew up, I came to draw more interest on wildlife which entails the wild animals and plants. Despite making the environment wonderful, they are the main source of biodiversity. My fight has always been about conservation and transformation of natural habitat and wildlife.
During my free times, I like taking hikes as a way of exploration to new environment and features. I won't forget to take photographs  too. Moving to new environment has enabled me to learn new things to a point I thought of writing my own book about nature.
Friendship is also what I value most. True friendship has taught me how to love and care. Engaging in fun activities and sports with friends makes life so lively.
Concerning my field of studies, have learnt the skills and methods of handling livestock and wild animals. I also write journals on various topics of animal welfare and that has made me to gain interest in online writing.
Above all, I like serving humanity as a volunteer. 


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