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I will create an engaging reel showing your product in my morning routine

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About this offer

I will create an engaging reel showing your product during my healthy morning routine! This involves me waking up, making my bed, working out, journaling and making breakfast.

About the influencer

shelby sacco

shelby sacco

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Hello! My name is Shelby and I am primarily focused on mental + physical health while sharing content that reflects growth and gratitude. I have grown my following after losing 25lbs on my self love / fitness journey while sharing it online transparently. My audience is 86% female, engaged and my content is body and health positive. While I only have 10.1k followers in the last 90 days I have had over 1.3 M impressions on my account! I believe I possess the qualities necessary to help others completely change their worlds through learning to love themselves and by changing their mental health. I was extremely sad last year and felt like I was at rock bottom in every aspect of my life. I hated my body, my thoughts and ultimately my life. I know there are so many people struggling who feel the way that I felt and it truly kills me. Since July of 2019 I have read, learned, tried, failed and tried again and again until I learned the most successful and sustainable way to happiness; through self-love. That journey was the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I think about how lucky I was to learn and stumble upon habits and even luckier that the way I perceived the message was world changing. I know that I can teach others what took me so long to figure out. I know that I can because I already am. Though I have a small following of 10,000 now, I know that of those people I have helped countless learn. The way I am able to connect with so many people is through my personality and through transparency. I am funny, honest, personable, and relatable. I continue everyday to make sure I am reading and learning and growing in order to continue to help others grow. I LOVE creating content and love providing my community with products that will help them or that they will enjoy!


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