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About this offer

I'm a NeoClassical Musician, who puts out musical messages on themes of Mindfulness, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. I could Integrate your product or service that addresses my niche audience, into my Videos.

My following is 35+ (middle to high income), (mainly) women from North America and Western Europe.

About the influencer

Basil Babychan

Basil Babychan

1K Reach

Blending his unique musical concepts and song structures, Basil’s music is aptly coined Neo-Classical; a hybrid of Classical styles coupled with modern orchestral and electronic themes.

The result is inspirational melodies; songs of peace, reflections, love, and happiness. Music for the Soul.

Basil creates full-length multi-timbre pieces, rich with a dynamic presence. With superlative instrumentation, Basil’s effective use of harmony allows his melodies to arouse inspiration and inner clarity. He pursues this talent with weekly Melodic Messages where he shares his musical ideas embodied with empowering messages

Through his [link-omitted] channel, and [link-omitted] page, Basil reaches a comprehensive global audience. His professional and mature performance videos exhibit the collaborative efforts, the messages and the overall vibe the music evokes to “empower  present-day Warriors, Survivors, and Winners - as they continue to ignite the Human Spirit.” 


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