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I will dance, do writing, like travelling, i enjoy helping the needy and visitin

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i love and enjoy dancing and being around friends as we do writing and practice our writing skills. As i said i love traveling with my friends to explore new places and new things.

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Jackline Chemutai

Jackline Chemutai

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I was born on 27th jan 2000 in a village called tulwet. My first elimentary school was Tebes Academy where I studied until I was 8 years old, I went to a boarding school in Kapkpatet known as Tengecha girls boarding primary school where i studied until clalss 8. I later proceeded to St. Mary's Girls Tachasis for my high school studies and currently Iam a student at the Technical University of Mombasa currently studying Food Technology and Quality assurance.  I love doing marketing, I love art and craft, and also travelling. I love traveling exploring new places and tring out new things.  I grew up being inspired by my bigger sister who is now an academic writter and thats is why i started practicing writing. I am a well organized lady and am well determined towards success at the same time.I work with minimal supervision while doing any work i have to do. I also help brands and business create custom social media strategies that work. I do article writing for nation media and other companies.


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