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I will Too good to be healthy, good mix

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Too good to be healthy, good mix ... craves for satisfaction.

In a bid to promote Coca-Cola brand with support from Wowzi.


About the influencer

Aborisade Adetola

Aborisade Adetola

11K Reach
Adetola is the founder and CEO of Child and Green Foundation, a charity organization working towards alleviating poverty and fostering sustainable development among communities in Nigeria. 

With over 5 years experience under his belt, Adetola is well-versed in key humanitarian and public health processes. His training and work on the United Nations MDG goals during his NYSC in 2010 (and the revised SDG goals) has enhanced his advocacy work with the Rivers State government and Peace Corp. Additionally, 

he is currently working in the Ministry of work in Rivers State as a civil engineer.

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