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I will offer social share services using Twitter

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About this offer

I offer social share services in the category of Health, Fitness, lifestyle, writing & advertising . I'm a Health educator who delivers realistic and actionable content with a keen drive towards making lives better.
There's a certain uniqueness I bring to my content being a medical personnel which helps resonates with the target audience on a whole new level that makes me different from every other influencer.

About the influencer

Deji Mark

Deji Mark

2K Reach

I'm a physical therapist, adding life to years, with a passion to promoting good mental, social, emotional and physical well-being for the purpose for helping individuals of all ages.

As a physical therapist and health educator on social media(@PhysioIntel), I aim to deliver education and inspiration  to a variety of audiences striving to make every event a memorable experience, placing an emphasis on delivering actionable health content, however impacting positive changes in individual lives.

I recently founded a non-profit health organization(Haven Therapia) with a service brand(physical therapy), with its focus on developing, maintaining and promoting neuroogical health to its full capacity, also providing pure and professional services to humanity. 


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