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I will to be best partner with your brand and give excellet service

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About this offer

Hi, My name is Hamim. The niche of my blog is lifestyle. However I classified them in several categories
There are 3 big categories that I also use as labels when posting articles, namely:

1. Literacy
2. Parenting
3. Daily

Usually the contents of these posts are about insight into literacy, education about parenting, and daily activities.

I also like doing reviews or tutorials. Sometime, I like to share my article to my social media

About the influencer

Hamim Eha

Hamim Eha

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Hi, my name is hamimeha. I am interested in the world of parenting, talk about family, literacy, and everyday life.

I'm a blogger, Twitter, home educator, and parenting enthusiast. Besides reading and writing, I'm also working on digital printing using Canva and Medibang I open collaboration for the field that I'm interested in :)

Carrying the tagline "simple and useful" I want to write about everyday things. Alhamdulillah, I've written 13 books, won several competitions, and was a speaker in forums and communities

Currently, I am a blogger with SEO Friendly blog performance. With DA 60,  PA 37, SS 1%, TF 1, dan CT 22. Monthly pageviews reach thousands  for a month. 

Apart from that, I also manage my social media accounts well. The IG display that I manage is pretty neat using Canva's design. I made the infographic design myself. Not only that, my engagement on IG has reached 49%, a pretty good interaction.

So far, my clients are quite satisfied with our cooperation. Especially on blogs or Instagram puj

And I like to work according to the agreed time.


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