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I will promote your Christmas products!

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My blog speciality is Christmas, and it takes over my content from mid October onwards most years. Life With Ktkinnes (DA22) is a lifestyle blog, covering all things from day to day hobbies to advice, to reviews on all things books, TV, and film, with the occasional recipe thrown in for good luck, so really there’s no topic I don’t cover.

I also have a second blog, Christmas With Katie, focusing on all things Christmas related. Sales, recipes, advice and more, Christmas With Katie is the perfect blog if you’re looking to target a specific audience from July onwards. This newer blog already has a Domain Authority of 14, and also offers the opportunity for guest posts and/or reviews should you be interested. It can be found at [link-omitted].

Whether you’re looking for link insertions, original content in the form of gift guides or reviews, or you’re just looking for someone to host some pre-written content to promote your Christmas wares, I can help on one or both of my blogs!

- Original content will be a minimum of 600 words
- Posts will be marked as “Sponsored/AD/Collaborative Post”
- Contact me to discuss exactly how I can help!

About the influencer

Katie Burton

Katie Burton

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Hi! I’m Katie, the real life 26 year old behind Christmas With Katie, and I’m a self-confessed Christmas Addict. Some of you may know me from my lifestyle blog, Life With Ktkinnes, where I ramble my way through life in Northern Ireland; offering advice on wellness, self-love and self-acceptance, as well as book reviews, TV and film recommendations, and plenty of Christmas content! Life is confusing, and not all of us know where we’re headed right now. My aim in life and my blog is to help you realise you’re not alone in feeling like this, while hopefully introducing you to some fab new recipes and things I love that make life that little bit easier. Life With Ktkinnes was born in 2014, the year I left home to join the big wide world of University. As I struggled through a course that, let’s face it, wasn’t right for me, I documented life as a student in as honest a way I knew how in the hope that fellow students and those coming later wouldn’t feel as alone. Since leaving university and beginning work full time, I have taken more of my life experiences and shared them amongst the TV shows, films, books, and products that make an impact on my life in the hope that others find them useful. My blog is my little corner of the internet where I can share about my daily life, products I love and the experiences I’m having.


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