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As a content creator and blogger, it's my job to create awareness on a product and build a community for my brand. so I will give my best in engaging effectively and efficiently and giving the right information at the right time. please consider me

About the influencer

Chinenye Uba

Chinenye Uba

312 Reach

Hi! My name is Chinenye uba,

 I am a rising YouTuber with followers, who also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

I have influenced some healthcare products in my community, due to the fact that i am sickle cell anemic, so I get to explore different kinds of drugs, supplements, tea and the rest. And people in my community started using the products , because of the benefits of my review.

I am from Africa, Nigeria precisely.

Hoping to become a big brand influencer soon, also getting different ambassadorial deals from companies, both in Nigeria, Africa and abroad.

I love to have fun, impact in my community..

I am 23 years of age.

I love to travel to different countries of the world.

I'm fun to work with


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