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I will publish a guest post on DA 39

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About this offer

I will publish a blog post written by your team on my lifestyle and fashion blog [link-omitted] DA 39.

I am a pro blogger and SEO writer and will edit and format for the best performance. If you want me to write it, that is also possible.

MilanoStyle is an independent blog, not part of any PBN.

Terms & Conditions
• Main topics are Travel, Style, and Lifestyle - we like a focus on or reference to Italy.
• We do not promote gaming, gambling, financial, sexual, political or hateful content.
• All links are do-follow.
• The page remains online indefinitely.
• All sponsored content is discreetly disclosed to our readers. See an example
• This does not include promotion; additional social media promotion is available.
• Payment via Intellifluence.

About the influencer

Celia Abernethy

Celia Abernethy

65K Reach

Milano Style is for the style savvy traveler who loves all things Italian!

Milano Style is more than a blog about Milan, style and travel; it is a valuable resource for the reader offering an insider’s view of visiting Milan, Lake Como and other areas of il bel paese. MilanoStyle is not only about tourism and fashion but is an intimate look into an authentic experience of living in Italy.

>> Celia Abernethy

The Founder

I’m Celia Abernethy. Originally from NY, I’m now living la dolce vita in northern Italy and on a mission to live it to the fullest! After a career in fashion and design school in Milan, I created [link-omitted] and later [link-omitted], to showcase my writing and online marketing skills. 

My travel writing and photography has appeared in publications like Huffington Post, Italo-Americano, Wellum, LuxAfrique, La Provincia and Corriere della Sera. You can also find me as Senior editor and community manager of [link-omitted] I have been a professional writer, blogger and content creator for over 20 years. 

After a career in fashion, then graphic design and web development specializing in UI and UX, today I run my own travel blogs and specialize in online marketing consulting for travel companies.


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