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I will Advertising

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I will try my best to build up the brand and try my possible best not to spam it,in that way building up the brand and also building my presence as an influencer.

About the influencer

Iliyasu Ado

Iliyasu Ado

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My music playing depends on culture and background.

For me, Music is life. #musicislife

Music is the soul of life.

i can specialize in any musical style.

I sing pretty well.

When you feel the music, you forget all the pain.

Musicians never retire. #musician

I will just stop when there’s no music left in me.

The beautiful creation of nature is the music itself.

A musician is someone who dreams of music. #dreamsmusic

We create music for other people to play.

 Our music creation can make you cry.

Bad mood? Listen to music.

I'm happy because i write the music.

People love me because of my voice.

My best friend is my sound. #bestfriend

Music is in my veins.



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