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I will write blog post about brand awareness of your brand, inform your value.

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Helo, my name is Nadia. I am from Indonesia. I am magister of sciemce and very passionate in digital content creator since 2016. I loved to work in creative industry. It makes me feel forever young and always have criticak thinking and fast forward about the trend, the people needs, etc.

I have several platform to create video and article content, such as: youtube, instagram, blog, and tiktok. I have ever been in collaboration with more than hundred brand, especially with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brand by soft and hard selling content for spreading brand awareness into online audience with my own style and personal branding as well-educated and open mind woman.

Everyday I produced content. On article blog, not only writing but also I inserted many photos that I take to complete the article and made it beautiful and professional. I create videos for youtube, instagram, tiktok with very good quallity videos and pictures (audio, visual, theme). All of the information that I share on my social media is well-scripted, so it will be a good information to share for my online audience.

- blog post with minimum 700 words
- good quality in writing
- backlink and anchor text to your brand page
- aesthetic amd good looking inserted picture

Let's collaborate with me!

About the influencer

Nadia Tahani

Nadia Tahani

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Helo, my name is Nadia. I'm digital content creator from Indonesia since 2016. I create video and article on youtube, personal blog, instagram, and tiktok with niche beauty (main), fashion and healthy lifestyle diet. I am fluently talking in front of camera, familiar in copy writing and content writing. All my contents are based on what I thought and my experience, so it is honest, pure, and originally create with heart. I graduated from magister of science. My education and non-education experience build me like today's who I am. I'm ready for collaboration and partnership, will do amd give my best for your brand. Reach me via [link-omitted].


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