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I will increase your engagement

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I'll share your product, business etc to audience through posts,reels,status,WhatsApp,instagram,Pinterest even Snapchat!

About the influencer

Sanjukta Kaibartya

Sanjukta Kaibartya

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Gen Z baby with an eye for aesthetics and mind for marketing ✨️


Artist by birth

Creator by choice

Lover of all things that need a greater audience and reach by creation and thus revolution. 

I have been involved in the creative field for 10 years and so have gained vast knowledge of aesthetics. My writing skills are also pretty good. I know how to garner audience and am very confident when it comes to branding.

I an trying to gain exposure through this media while also assisting businesses both small and big. 

Help me help you to revolutionize your service.

  • artist
  • designer
  • writer
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • model

PS[link-omitted] can hire me as a remote model or send me products and I'll model for you myself:)


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