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I will Retweet your tweet so that it may reach more people.

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I'll retweet your tweet on my Twitter profile so that it can reach more people. It's a win-win situation for both of us.

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Aditi Kapur

Aditi Kapur

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I'm Aditi. I write creatively for my lifestyle blog and design innovative posts on my Instagram. I'm a curious blogger with my blog [link-omitted]

I've been in the profession of writing for more than five years. I write for brands as well as on the topics that intrigue my mind. More than fantasy,  the real things attract me more. This is the reason you'll find real-life challenges and their solutions in my blog. 

Healthcare and environmental issues draw my attention frequently. I feel privileged as a blogger to spread the word about these issues through my writing. 

You can find some articles on Cinema in my blog. I'm a crazy movie enthusiast and can write unlimited articles on such themes. 


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