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I will promote your brand on my Facebook page .

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I have a trusted community on my Facebook page who value my opinion . I also have many people from many different countries who follow my page. I will bring you amazing customers to your products .

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Stacie Cherill

Stacie Cherill

18K Reach

I am a digital content creator, blogger, social media marketer,  filmmaker and content creator from Texas.  love outer space, showing kindness to others and traveling . I love connecting with people on social media and marketing products . I have done creative work in Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico & Hong Kong. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film from The University of Texas at Austin.

 I studied Swedish in university and International Advertising for a summer in Hong Kong through the nationally ranked Stan Richards School of Advertising at UT Austin. I can relate to a diverse group of people. I love using social media to create meaningful and entertaining content and I have the skills to bring you new and loyal customers.   I will market your product to perfection . 


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