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I will social review your product or service on Twitter @ $215 to reach +18k

1 Social Review on Twitter

Account #1 (18K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $25
I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
+ $50
I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
Extra long review
+ $99
The Twitter social review will be in thread format over 3 tweets long.
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About this offer

Enjoy Intellifluence Trusted Twitter Influencer services.

My social review of your product or service will be relevant for startups, small businesses, social media engagement or writerpreneurship for increased productivity, ROI or personal growth and development.

You get 48 hour exclusivity not to post anything from your brand's competition.

Ps. Offer is exclusive of:
- 3 months, 6 months or 12 months negotiable usage rights
- Sensitive topics
- Rush fees of quick TAT
- Multiple touch points for campaigns
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About the influencer

Hazlo Emma

Hazlo Emma

27K Reach

Starting your own business? Benefit from my multi-passionate entrepreneurial, strategic business development consultancy, coaching, and digital marketing consultancy.  Growing your business? Use my inspiration to solopreneurs, newbies, founders, CEOs, and B2B enthusiasts, to challenge yourself to better impact your world, a step at a time, with innovative strategies.

  • I am confident that I will help with strategic planning, business development, digital strategy, executive coaching, financial, tech, social media, as well as B2B content. 
  • Grab sponsored posts and blogger outreach-so if you’re looking to get your product into lots of bloggers hands; then have a chat with me about advertising in our VIP blogger reach, or a full-on project or newsletter feature
  • Let us ghost-write in nonfiction genre for entrepreneurs in the startup and small business niche, because our writing does the talking. Formatting, proofreading, copy editing, line editing, comprehensive and substantive editing of manuscripts comes second nature to us.

Setting up a business? The information age is fast evolving to smaller and smaller groups with enormous impact. If you a building business, social media platforms only want engagement without leaving their sites. When you work with me, you will have an added advantage of accessing the following additional reach, apart from the mainstream social media platforms listed here.

  1. +18k global women in business
  2. +500 black women from all over the world to exchange help, advice, and resources
  3. Ambassadorial role of active tech enthusiasts spanning +1,000,000 in over 100 countries
  4. +200 active and very successful bloggers

Creating a business? As a student of succession for high net worth individual businesses running concurrently, with a law plus security twist, gives you an added bonus in Fintech, Law, and Cybersecurity.

  • Take up the popularity of the top 100 best small business blog in the USA. ThExtraordinariOnly, (DA of 21,  +15K daily page views, +350K monthly visitors, and MOZ Spam score of 1%) to infuse, inspire, and equip entrepreneurs and go-getters with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, grow, and scale profitable lives and businesses. 
  • As an experienced and trusted blogger and influencer, I share top tips for strategic planning, development, and business growth hacking,  earning income consistently, adoption of technology, productivity, finance, security, writing, ghost-writing, and influencer marketing.
  • With a no-holds-barred approach to extreme social media engagement, the passion and love for internet marketing, writerpreneurship, startup's and small business' group coaching and one-on-one consulting will transform and skyrocket your business – starting today. 
  • I review non-fiction books of indie self-published authors

Are you a business start up? ThExtraordinariOnly has gathered a dedicated following having seen > 900k impressions on Pinterest, 743k monthly visits, a newsletter, and a combined social media following of >35k.

This is a best-fit profile for quick turnaround projects and best business ideas for getting into business.

  1. Tap into my knack for numbers with an advisory role, largely, to a tech-averse clientele
  2. Profit from my roles as a WomenTech Global Ambassador, and Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ambassador
  3. Enjoy my affiliation as a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion. SDG Influencer, and a global Juror of the Global Entreps Awards & 5G citizens International Congress nominating exceptional and outstanding entrepreneurs under the guidance of the United Nations’ SDGs.
  4. Get a boost from a weekly link-up by super-successful bloggers.

Capitalize on the value that I will add to your campaign.

  • I follow real-time trends in Tech, Small Business, Startup World, Social Media, Cybersecurity, Social Impact Matters, Leadership, Fin-tech, Big Data, Analytics, Robotics, IoT, Artificial, Human, and Hybrid Intelligence, Quantum Learning, in addition to answering questions on Quora
  • I am member of the European Women in Business (EWB)

I look forward to a wonderful win-win working relationship.

Let's do this.

Hazlo Emma


You qualify for a FREE 48-hour exclusivity.

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