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I will post a review of your product

1 Social Review on Instagram

Account #1 (8K Reach)

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About this offer

If you’re for someone to promote your product to a targeted audience of young adults and teens, look no further.
My name is Matt, and I have a highly engagements fan base that is easily excited about new products and ideas.
Through a review on my Instagram, your product would be able to reach a whole new audience of people that would be interested in buying it.

About the influencer

The Lego Brick

The Lego Brick

11K Reach

My name is Matt. I am a social media Content Creator focusing on Legos, Star Wars, and similar niches.

My largest platform is on Instagram, where I have an engagement rate of 15.3%, but I have similar followings on other platforms as well.

If you are looking to target young adults or teenagers, I am the perfect fit. My audience loves to buy fun items and I have a strong connection with them that allows me to market products extremely effectively.

Please reach out with any offers and I would love to work with your brand to create a mutually beneficial opportunity.


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