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I will publish product feature or review on the blog at

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About this offer

I will publish pre-written product features or reviews on [link-omitted] for 800 words. The accepted topics/niche that we publish are the following:

- General Travel Tips and Food Recommendations
- Health and Fitness, Mental and Physical Wellness
- Business, Financial Management, and Financial Literacy
- Family, Parenting, Relationships, People, and Home Improvements
- Technology, IT, Gadgets, Automotive, and Electronics
- Beauty, Fashion, Music, and Style

In the case of the article submission, we would suggest that you can submit for publishing relevant to our current content. You may also consider the following inclusions:

- 2 (two) Do-follow links* (2 for your brand or client's website or social media account, and 1 for reference website for SEO purposes)
- Up to 800 words with target keyword for search (target keyword must be present on the title, first paragraph, some on the main body, and on the ending.)
- 5 (five) Original or loyalty-free images (880px) for the featured image, and body.

*Please note that we will also include one (1) internal link and one relevant link from third-party websites for SEO purposes.

About the influencer

Philip Andrew Mayol

Philip Andrew Mayol

43K Reach

I'm a freelance digital content creator. I write online for blogs full-time, and sometimes press materials for companies. I also conduct workshops and seminars for content creation and smartphone photography. I'm a Computer Engineer and have worked professionally as a Leadership and Management Trainer and Coach for a BPO company in Cebu City for 5 years.

On my blog, you will be seeing lots of information about me, most especially my favorites, as well as my brand stories, and on many things; many random things.

I will be talking about anything under the sun. I love to do a review on movies and TV series, gadgets, books, mobile devices and electronics, hotels, restaurants, products and services, and a lot more.

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