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About this offer

I’m Nina, a social media Travel content creator who owns TikTok page @[link-omitted]dumitrescu.  Most of my Travel Tiktoks go viral and reach up to 700k views (most of the videos from 2022 hit over 100.000 views). Because I focus on aesthetically pleasing content based on useful travel information, my videos are highly shared over the internet.
I specialize in producing travel related content, si I would love to discuss a mutually beneficial collaboration on TikTok, that will ultimately drive traffic to your own channels and result in bottom-line conversions and bookings.
The brand will be tagged in the content, and I will grant you the right to use the videos on your own social media and website if desired.

I’ve already had some collaborations with other travel related companies. You can see here some examples of travel related content from my profile:

British Airways - 61k views : [link-omitted]

British Airways - 117 k views: [link-omitted]

Staypineapple Hotel - 513k views: [link-omitted]@[link-omitted]dumitrescu/video/7138029194952379654?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7108702219327735301

Get Your guide: 368k views : [link-omitted]

Get Your Guide - 177k views: [link-omitted]@[link-omitted]dumitrescu/video/7136434522240945413?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7108702219327735301

About the influencer

Nina Dumitrescu

Nina Dumitrescu

78K Reach

Hello! I am Nina! I am a a Psychiatrist Medical Resident during the day and a lifestyle & travel influencer during my free time. My content highlights beautiful destinations around the world, nice hotels, as well as travel tips & tricks.  

I've been active in Instagram for 3 years now and I already have a 60k+ community. I like to speak about my travels , but my main passions are fashion and beauty. 

At the moment I'm 27 years old. I love to capture beautiful moments and to recomment good products or  services to my followers, who are maily women with the same interests as me.

Can't wait to collaborate!


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