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I will write a profesional blog post (600-800 words) with links included.

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Add-on Services

+ $25
I'll share the blog post on my social accounts.
Extra long review
+ $70
The blog post will exceed 1000 words.
Short animated visual asset
+ $45
I can create a short (15-60 seconds) animated visual asset to share on Instagram Stories, Pinterest or Twitter relating to the blog post. -All the content editorial concepts, designs and decisions are made by the Faërie Lifestyle team.
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About this offer

A 600-800 words blog post with links of your product or service.

-I will use a natural writing style for link insertion throughout the post, so readers find it more appealing and less spammy.
- I create aesthetic, high quality visual assets in all my blog posts to attract more readers.
-Professional editing and style on all posts.
-Post written in English.
-FTC and GDPR compliance.
-Keywords and tags for SEO optimization.
-Alt text on images to improve Google Search indexing.
-Comments enabled on post to increase engagement rates.
Email us for more information.

About the influencer

Faërie Lifestyle

Faërie Lifestyle

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At Faërie Lifestyle we believe that women have the strength, confidence, and ability to define how to live their life.

We believe that together, as a community, we can empower and uplift each other to reach our greatest potential.

Our mission is to provide resources, tools, and content that inspires women to express themselves, foster creativity, learn, grow, and use their voices to manifest and live the most beautiful and wonderful life they can dream of.  

Visit us at [link-omitted] and on our social media profiles @faerielifestyle. 


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